What is BoldTypeNews?

BoldTypeNews is news about people you know. We read thousands of newspapers every day to find articles about your friends, peers, business associates—anyone you know—so you stay informed. BoldTypeNews is also your local news and top headline news.

How do I sign up?

All you need is an email and a password. You point us to your contacts and we do the rest. Every day we read thousands of newspapers for news about people who are important to you.

How does BoldTypeNews find news that is important to me?

With your permission we match the contacts in your address book to people in the thousands of newspaper articles we read every day.

How much time will it take me?

Only a minute or two. You sign up with an email and a password and you permit access to your contacts. That’s it. We then provide you with your own personal newspaper.

What if I have contacts in many places?

BoldTypeNews can help you find all of your contacts. If you keep your contacts on your phone, you can download the BoldTypeNews app. If you keep your contacts in Outlook on a personal computer, you can download the ContactFinder app. We can also help you add contacts from social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook or email sites such as Gmail, Yahoo! and

Who can see my contacts?

We will not share your contacts with anyone. We provide equal or greater protection of your information than other social networking or email sites that you may use. Please read our Privacy Policy to see all the ways that we protect your information.

How does BoldTypeNews protect my privacy?

We protect your privacy by not sharing your personal information. Period. The Privacy Policy explains in great detail how we safeguard your information.

How do I see more news stories?

The best way to see more news stories is to add additional sources of contacts. Go to Preferences and follow the instructions for updating your address book.

How do I control how often I get alerts?

You can control the frequency of alerts in Preferences. We only send you an alert if there is a news story about a person that you know. You can ask us to notify you of news stories once a day or once a week or you can turn off the notification. Keep in mind that last week’s news is, well, last week’s news.

Why do I see articles about people that I do not know?

Many people have the same or similar names. We try very hard to identify news stories about people you know, but sometimes we make a mistake. Other times you may not realize that the person is in your address book, especially from social media sources. You can block these stories at any time.

How can I see news about people and companies that not in my address book?

You can add any person to your address book and then BoldTypeNews will look for news stories. Remember to add as much information about the person as possible so that BoldTypeNews can find the person you know.

How do I close my account?

Log in to the BoldTypeNews website to close your account at any time.

My question is not in the FAQ list.

If you have additional questions please contact us at We are happy to help.


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