Welcome to BoldTypeNews Mobile

What is BoldTypeNews?

BoldTypeNews delivers news about people you know as well as local and headline news. BoldTypeNews is news that that matters to you.

What is required to use BoldTypeNews?

To see news about people you know, you provide permission to access your Contacts. To see local news, you provide a ZIP Code.

What information do you access?

To deliver news about people you know, BoldTypeNews asks for permission to access your Contacts.

Do you share my Contacts?

No. We do not sell or share your contacts. Period. That's not our business. Our business is to show you news that is of interest to you. Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use so you can see how we protect your privacy and safeguard your information.

What is Email Notification?

If you want to be notified by email when your contacts are in the news, you may, at your option, provide an email address. We do not sell or share your email address.

BoldTypeNews Features

iPhone Screen Icons


The Peers screen delivers news about your contacts. When you first start using BoldTypeNews this screen will be empty until BoldTypeNews finds news about people you know. Swipe down to refresh this screen. Tap on a news story to read the article.
iPhone Peer Screen

The icon to the left of the name indicates the confidence of the match (High Medium Low) and the position of the name in the article. You can manage the people you follow by swiping left to reveal the Do not follow option.

iPhone Read Article

You have four options:

iPhone Read Article

I don't know this person: Select this option if you do not know the person in the article.

Do not follow for a week/1 month: Select these options if there is a burst of news about someone and you want to suspend the news for a period of time.

Never follow again: Select this item if you know the person but you never want to see news about this person again.


Tap the News menu item to see local and headline news.

When you first run the program you can provide a ZIP Code to get local news.


Tap More to set your preferences.


About contains the app version and the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

My Local News

See your local news when you provide a ZIP Code.

Email Notification

Allows you the option of being notified by email when there is news about people you know.

Contact Us

How can we help?

Or send an email to Support@BoldTypeNews.com.